Individual Tax Preparation

I work with individuals to prepare tax returns including federal and state returns (for all 50 states). I specialize in complex tax returns that include any or all of the following elements:

  • Business owners
  • Rental properties
  • Foreign employment earnings
  • Foreign investment income
  • U.S. Investment income
  • Multi-state businesses
  • Beneficiaries of a trust or an estate
  • Pension distributions
  • Social security
  • Unemployment
  • Education tax credits for college and graduate courses of study as well as some certification programs

The tax returns I do for individuals include many types of income including: wages, interest, dividend, self employment, partnerships, shareholders in sub-chapter S corps, and beneficiaries in a trust.

Pass through entities

Shareholders in sub-chapter S corps, beneficiaries of a trust, and partners in LLCs or partnerships earn distributions that are passed through to the individual’s tax return. However, the return for the entity must be prepared first, to identify the money passing through to the individual.

Foreign returns

U.S. citizens who work abroad or have investment earnings in foreign countries face complex issues at tax time. Earned income and investment income face two different sets of rules. For those people who work abroad, there is a foreign exclusion; a certain amount of your wages are excluded from tax if you meet certain requirements, which may include physical residency, a certain number of days spent abroad vs. in the US. and others.

Same-sex Marriage Tax Return

The IRS recently announced that all legal same-sex marriages will be recognized for federal tax purposes. The ruling applies regardless of whether the couple resides in a jurisdiction that recognizes or doesn't recognize same-sex marriage.

This ruling also provides certainty, benefits and protections under federal tax law for same-sex married couples. Under the ruling, same-sex couples will be treated as married for all federal tax purposes, including income and gift and estate taxes.

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