IRS Appeals

According to the IRS, the mission of the IRS Appeals office is:

“to resolve tax controversies, without litigation, on a basis which is fair and impartial to both the government and the taxpayer, and in a manner that will enhance voluntary compliance and public confidence in the integrity and efficiency of the Service.”

Appeals is independent of any other IRS office and serves as the administrative forum for any taxpayer contesting an IRS compliance action. Face-to-face appeals conferences used to be the tradition. However, telephone or correspondence appeals conferences are becoming more common, which helps to shorten the overall time of the appeals process. An Appeals or Settlement Officer will review your case, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the issues and give the situation a fresh look.

The IRS recently reported that Appeals resolves more than 100,000 cases per year. You have the potential to be one of those resolved cases. Click to schedule your free phone consultation today.

Do you want to appeal an IRS action?