Tax Defense

For two decades, my Tax Defense practice has focused on the prevention and cure of IRS abuse, taxpayers’ rights issues, and tax resolution. Typically, if someone has an IRS problem, they usually have a State tax problem too. As both a CPA and an attorney, I have the ability to address both the legal and financial aspects of your tax problems.  

There is no silver bullet when it comes to working with the IRS. I use a Tax Situation Analysis, a professional approach developed during my 20 years of successfully addressing state and federal tax problems. The Tax Situation Analysis takes a holistic approach, addressing your entire tax problem.

Don’t be fooled

I have represented clients who, after paying thousands of dollars to the slick tax resolution companies that advertise on TV, discover that nothing was done to resolve their tax problem. These companies mislead the public into thinking that settling a tax debt with the IRS for “pennies on the dollar” is quick and easy. Most of the people I’ve met who have worked with these companies were left in worse shape than when they started!

Don’t be fooled by glossy ads or promises of an easy solution. A comprehensive, methodical approach gives you the best chance of success in fixing your tax problem.

Help! I'm in trouble with the IRS and I don't know where to start.