Legal Services

The bulk of my legal practice focuses on Tax Defense issues. As a CPA in addition to an attorney, I understand the complexities of tax issues. Typically, when people are in trouble with the IRS, they usually have issues with state taxes as well. My tax practice is focused on the prevention and cure of IRS abuse, taxpayers’ rights issues, and tax resolution.

Some of the most common issues I have helped taxpayers resolve include:

I also help taxpayers arrange Installment Agreements and make Offers in Compromise with the IRS. And, I assist people in mediation with the IRS. In some cases, a taxpayer may file for “currently not collectible” status, which means the IRS will freeze actions against you for a period of time. Additionally, sometimes a spouse may file for Innocent Spouse Relief if they are incorrectly caught up in the net of an action against a spouse. If nothing else appears to be solving your tax issue, we can bring your case to the IRS Appeals office for review.

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